Friday, August 12, 2011

PA Got it Right!

Yes PA got it right by requiring (and funding) Coaches and Professional Development as part of CFF (and in most cases EETT). However, what the success of the program really comes down to is the Coaches themselves. This CFF Coaching community, and I do not use that word lightly, is amazing. The commitment level from most Coaches is outstanding. As the years progressed, each of them grew. Some of you came into this program with no idea of what the job was all about it. Those coaches in the first year were the bricklayers. With each coaching activity, collaboration day, email on the listserv, networking meeting, and webinar, each of them built the foundation. As new groups of coaches joined the ranks, it became easier to define the role of coach, because there was someone else who came before them – modeling for them through webinars, breakout sessions, birds of a feather, listserv questions, responses, and discussions, social bookmarking, informal conversations at Boot Camp and PETE&C, and IU Meetings.

It is because of the PEOPLE who were named as Coaches that PA got it right. In many cases, administrators understood that and continued the position with local funding – at least until it wasn’t possible anymore. And, there are still some who will continue coaching this year.

I hope this blog will be a place to showcase what PA is accomplishing, as I interview coaches on their experiences as they move FORWARD into the classroom.

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