Friday, August 12, 2011

No Help From the Economy

By the 4th year, many of our coaches became K-12 coaches. The economy plummeted. Funding dropped off for our first cohort, but over 80% of the districts sustained the position. We were beginning to wonder how long the Mentors would be funded, so a new program was designed that would pass the torch to regional Technology Integration Mentors (TIMs). The concept of regional meetings became systemic. Teacher Collaboration Days, started by a core group of Cohort 1 Coaches and their Intermediate Unit TIM, began being held across the state.

During our final year, the state funded our third cohort of coaches, Mentors, and TIMs. We began to celebrate our accomplishments; the future is now, we cheered. But we also began to wonder, "Where are we headed?"

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