Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sharing a moment

I experienced a moment yesterday. It had been a rainy day in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Annapolis. I was on my way to present a session in Pittsburgh. Despite the late afternoon hour, looking through the plane window led to nothing but dreary grayness.  Just before takeoff, rain smacked against the glass. Twenty seconds later, we were off the ground, and, in a couple minutes, we were at our cruising altitude of 9000 feet – rather low. However, I could see nothing but gray outside my window.

I looked down at my book. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. We had risen above the clouds. And, despite the fact that it was dark below us, we were surrounded by glorious sunshine. The wispy clouds truly looked like cotton candy. It was one of those heavenly moments. I couldn’t help but smile – for a very long moment. It reminded me that when life – health, jobs, relationships, school – get hard, it’s often just a bump in the road. It really can get better, and it often does.  I smiled for a good long time.

Even when we were back in the clouds, I smiled. That delightful moment reminded me that the sun really will come out again. And guess what? Today, it did!

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