Sunday, March 10, 2013

SkyDrive on the iPad

My colleague and friend Jim Gates has been busy in the land of iPads this year. At each of his trainings, he offers his students a challenge to find the best word processing app for the iPad. The teachers in Jim's class are given a list of tasks to perform using several tools (Pages, Google Drive, SkyDrive, CloudOn). Then they vote on the best one.

"Skydrive won. (Accessing it via safari at Prior to this latest revision, skydrive would finish BELOW last place. It was awful. Folks would stop testing it. Now, it seems to be the winner. It seemed to allow us to do more, format more, AND it managed the workflow by allowing the student to share the documents with the teacher. No dropbox issues. No email issues."

Check out Jim's full post, the challenge itself, and the comparison of the tools. 


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