Thursday, September 27, 2012

CCSS: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 
7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.*    

I worked in the financial services industry, when the Internet was just taking off. Our clients suddenly had free access to all of the information that they used to pay to get. The question became: Why will clients come to us? The answer was: Wisdom.

Our students, like those clients, are surrounded by knowledge and ideas. The Common Core Standards state that they need to know how to integrate and evaluate this content that comes to them in a variety of media and formats.

Where does this content come from?

  •  Facebook pages (companies, organizations, non-profits, friends)
  • Twitter
  • Websites
  • News apps
  • Search Engines
  • Wikipedia
  • Some even comes from newspapers and books.

The critical thinking skills that are needed to evaluate this content are even more important than they were when we were in school. Why? Access.

They have the world in their pockets.

Think about that.

The books that are in your school library fit on their Kindle – or the Kindle app on their phone. Nearly every newspaper and news outlet in the world is on their Smart Phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or laptop. They receive news alerts throughout the day on their phones.

How do they analyze, evaluate, and synthesize all of this data? Where do they store it, so that they have easy access to it -- wherever it is they are working on it? How do they cite it? How do they know what is appropriate to use – and what is not? How do they have such easy access to content and not think it’s okay to use it however they want to use it?

It is up to us to facilitate those conversations.

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